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Hello ladies, I am getting married this July in MN. My FH and I are both originally from MN but we moved to PA this past summer. I am planning on changing my last name. I just started looking into the requirements for changing my last name. It looks like I will have to go in and file with the courts and then be given a court date to appear before a judge. I'm trying to figure out when I should be doing this. I will be back in MN for Christmas and then not again until 3 weeks before the wedding. I am a student so I have kept my MN residency, FH has not.

Has anyone gone through the name change process before? How accomodating are they in setting up a court date? I plan on maintaining my MN residency but I need to change my name before I register for my boards next fall. Thanks for the help!!
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Re: Name change questions

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    On your marriage application, you indicate what your name will be after the wedding.  Once you receive your marriage certificate your name is changed. You do not have to go to court. You will have to change your name on your social security card (I did this by sending in the marriage certificate - which they returned to me).  I applied for a new drivers license first, by just bring in the official marriage certificate.  
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