I think I lost my vintage wedding theme

I never thought people would look down on the vintage theme. So far only one person loved my theme. I have just a little over a month before my wedding and EVERYTHING I took hours researching has been rejected or I get the odd face and they tell me it's your wedding do what ever you want. That makes me feel horrible when they give me the iffy look and it hurts. I wanted my jars/bottles tied with ribbons (didn't happen). I wanted this to be my handmade wedding and I spent days perfecting on making the bird cages and decorating it with moss/flowers. And what does the FI tell me! We're spending this much money on the wedding and we're not going to have DIY bird cage. FINE, I will research bird cages and buy them. I don't even know where to buy that many bird cages. I wasted days working on it. Everyone was excited for the elegant theme I started with but I really really wanted vintage. I found my venue that's a good environment for the vintage theme. Outdoor ceremony and reception in an awesome beautiful greenhouse. I want everyone to enjoy the decor with me because I did pour my heart into this wedding. But....  I have a strong feeling in my gut everyone will be disappointed.

Re: I think I lost my vintage wedding theme

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    I think your vintage wedding sounds absolutely beautiful!!! It is your wedding and if you want vintage you should have vintage and to the people who don't like it, whatever. Its not their wedding and its not their decision. If you love it as much it seems like people will be able to see that and will respect that. Don't give up your vision!
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    If you love it and your FI loves it then it doesn't matter what others say.  Vintage wedding in MN sounds lovely! Stay strong!

    In 20 years no on will remember the decor, they will remember how you made them feel. 

    I am sure its going to turn out beautiful!
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    Sounds pretty - and a lot like the wedding I'm planning:) Go with your gut, lady!
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    Keep in mind that this is your wedding and not theirs. I could understand if maybe you were planning a circus theme and asking everyone to come dressed as circus clowns, but not this. Whoever said these things to you was totally out of line and rude. Keep your plans and keep your chin up. As hippolover said, 20 years from now they will not remember the decor, only how beautiful you looked.
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    I wasn't intending to, but alot of elements of our wedding have more of a vintage feel.. even down to my ring. Its your wedding, and i agree with the other girls.. its your wedding and you should feel comfortable and happy about your decor =)

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