Is a small church wedding and a bigger civil service too much for a low budget wedding?

alright ladies in white, 
so all my dreams for a simple, outdoor, inexpensive wedding dreams have been smashed to smitherens. since i'm catholic, and like all catholic brides, i just found out that i must be married indoors at a church. under no circumstances can i get married outdoors with any type of catholic officient. i haven't really been an uber catholic since i graduated high school. it's pretty safe to say i've fallen into the nonpracticing catagory. my man is an agnostic, but my very catholic parents are giving us 3/4 of our budget. so since they're paying for it, mom has a say. (even if she wasn't paying for it, i would never hear the end of it. lol) and i plan on raising my kids catholic when that happens. 

so i was thinking about it. my guest list is about 80 people, my groom's and my parents, siblings, and grandparents is about 15 people. should i just throw a quicky church wedding (immediate family only) in before the rest of my write your own vows,not so religious wedding plans?

what do we think?
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Re: Is a small church wedding and a bigger civil service too much for a low budget wedding?

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    hippoloverhippolover member
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    I think this really depends on how important it is to you to be married outside.  If its really important to you, then you'll need to do what you feel is right.  If not, then maybe just getting married in the church is a good way to go.  Maybe you could have an outside reception on a deck or something to balance out being outside? 

    Just my opinion tho.  You have to do what you feel is right for you and your FI.
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    saric83saric83 member
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    I think you could definitely try to do both (maybe do the catholic wedding earlier in the day (around 2pm), and then have an outdoor ceremony at the reception site at 5pm or so and then go right into the reception. 

    But if that's not an option, could you maybe do the indoor ceremony and then focus your ideal setting on the reception and do something outdoors or tented? 
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    i think you guys are right. it's important to me and my family to be married catholic, but i'm also on a pretty tight budget. i think church wedding and bad ass outdoor reception would be good. thank you :)
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