Rental Hall- bring our own food??

Hey ladies,

I am trying to plan an incredibly low budget wedding, and wanted to find a hall or other venue to rent for the reception where we are truly just renting the space- and can bring our own food in. I am having NO luck. I don't know where to search- does anybody have any ideas or places they know of??

I live in Fridley, but I am pretty much open to anywhere in the metro area. Thanks so much!

Re: Rental Hall- bring our own food??

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    check your local armory
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    I know that was my problem, every venue has to do catering, its a state law or something....so i might have an outdoor wedding
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    I know that Harriet Island in Saint Paul lets you bring in any caterer that you want. You can't bring in the food yourself, but you could save some money by choosing an inexpensive caterer.
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