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So I was thinking about going through a local grocery store (Coborn's or Cashwise) to get our wedding cake? Good idea or bad? Has anyone used them and how much were they?

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    I had some of Cash Wise cake, it tasted like cake from the grocery store, nothing fancy. When I was looking for a bakery, I looked into the grocery stores and was surprised at how spendy Cash Wise was compared to some other places. I'm not sure where you live (to me it sounds like close to St. Cloud), but I would recommend the Cold Spring Bakery. There cakes are delicious, they deliver to a wide area, and I found them cheaper than Cash Wise. They can do sheet cakes as well, if that was a thought of yours. Good luck!
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    Check out Juliet in Payneville, MN I know she meets brides in St. Cloud for consults.  The company name is Divine Cakes. Have fun
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