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I can't believe this is my first post...

I'm wondering if any MN brides have done any boudoir photography as a gift for their FI for the wedding or even for like a birthday or holiday present, and if you have, where did you go?!? I can only seem to find places that cost $300 or more just for a session and then charge you even more for the prints or proofs. 

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    I'm no help, I haven't done it, but I would recommend reposting this on the MSP board. It's more active and I know that there are a few girls on there that have done it recently. There are a few photographers that include make up, and a hotel room to take the pics in, and give you the rights to the photos. I just don't remember the names. GL!
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    I have my boudoir session at Sugar and Spice Photgraphy http://www.sugarandspicephotography.com/
    They have a variety or packages. You could do 2 looks for $400 and that includes Hair Make Up, extensions and fake lashes.

    I would get out the Mpls/St Paul ladies as they are a bunch that have done boudoir
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