The Round Barn - Alcohol Policy Advice!!

My fiance and I are deciding on a ceremony/reception venue and visited the Round Barn earlier this week.  We both fell in love with the grounds and building.  I love the rustic-romantic feel of it. 

The only concern I really had was the owner.  She seemed very strict and unpersonable.  She also seemed extremely strict on her alcohol policy.  She basically said that they allow alcohol on the premise but not even tipsy people.  She advised that she would be talking to our bartender about how many drinks the guests can have and the she will be cutting people off when they've had three or four drinks.

Now I can totally understand kicking people out of the reception who are out of control drunk.  And it's not like anyone's going to get out of control, puking in the barn, breaking things drunk, but I want people to have a good time.  I don't want to be worried about having three cocktails and maybe getting kicked out.  And I don't want the lady watching our every move at the reception and taking tabs of our drink count. 

I'm wondering if anybody has had their wedding there or has been a guest there if they have experienced this?  Or do you have any advice? 

Thanks for the help!

Re: The Round Barn - Alcohol Policy Advice!!

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    jviesetnzjviesetnz member
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    Honestly, I would call the lady that helped you and let her know that this is the difference between you booking with them and not. You can always ensure here that no one will be out of control.... I've never been to one there but I've heard great things about it! It cant be that bad if it's so highly recommended!
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    brimavenbrimaven member
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    You're hiring her to provide banquet services, not babysit. I would honestly go elsewhere.
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