Rehearsal Dinner locations in Winona

Hi Ladies!
I am looking for RD location ideas for Winona. My brother is getting married in Winona (his bride is from there) and we have never been there so we have no idea where to look. I have tried to do a search but I have not had a lot of luck. Thank you in advanced for your ideas and help. :-)
Happy planning!!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner locations in Winona

  • I used to live there so I have lots of suggestions for anything. 

    Jeffersons is one of the nicest.  The food it only ok in my opinion.  Green Mill is also really nice.  A little pricey.

    Chula Vista has great mexican food.

    Betty Jo's is a bar/dinner place.  It does have a back room that you can rent out.  It is more of burger place, so not formal.

    Rocco's pizza is the best pizza around.  Its not a nice place by any means, but good food.
  • If you aren't looking for a super fancy menu, check out Bub's Brewery lower level. They have a private bar down there, a side entrance, and it has been painted up cute. I've been to a number of graduation parties there and it's always been a good time. (That could be the uber cheap drinks flowing though).. My favorite food there is the chicken caesar sandwich, or any of their burgers. They use buns from Bloedows, the local bakery. It's pretty much all pub food, but really good and a fun environment.


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