Specific Wedding Venue Ideas

My dream wedding is a destination BUT my grandmother isn't able to travel and our budget won't allow because we would have to pay for BOTH of our families to attend plus the wedding costs.  I am in SOWK and my fiancé is a student so needless to say money is tight.
ANYWAYS... the next best thing for us is to get married someplace on the water.   I have always wanted to get married on a large dock and since our wedding will be about 25 people it seems reasonable.  So my question is:  Does anyone know of a venue in MN (preferably metro or southern) that would have a beautiful large dock extending into the water?  Or even a beautiful waterfront venue that would feel intimate enough for a very small wedding?

For example:

Re: Specific Wedding Venue Ideas

  • I don't know of any venues, but what about a restaurant on Lake Minnetonka? The Excelsior dock immediately came to mind, but it is public, so I doubt it would work... but maybe a private party would be willing to rent out to you?
    The Depot in Wayzata has a nice dock area, but I don't know if it is public or not. Or perhaps one of the Three Rivers parks?
  • I am not familar with anywhere, but try posting this in the MSP board, it's much busier and someone there might have more ideas. 
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