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Looking for any information on officiants in Duluth, MN! My fiance and I do not belong to a church, and we are not really religious. We want someone who won't require us to join their church or take the marriage classes. Also we would love someone who is fun and friendly... Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Not sure when you are getting married but we are getting married in Duluth on July 3 this year. Our officiant is a judge. We picked him because he was one of the younger judges that is serving St. Louis county. We have not formally met him yet but through talking to him over the phone he seems really nice and flexible. His name is Shaun Florke. If you would like his contact information e-mail me at elni_72 at yahoo dot com Good luck with all your planning!
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    We were married outside in Goosberry Falls State Park and used an officiate out of Duluth.  His name was John Hartwick.  He did a wonderful job.  He met with us during the planning process and sent a bunch of ceremony examples for us to review.  We were able to use them to put our own ceremony together.  He's done lots of wedding and could tell us how everything usually works, but let us making changes that we wanted too.  I also found him very calming when I was getting emotional during the ceremony and when we were doing the rehearsal with our families. 
    I recommend him to all!
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