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I hope everyone's planning has been great. So here is my problem/issue.  My fiance has a brother who has five children.  The younger one is one of our flower girls.  He is also my fiance's groomsman. (one of four). We are paying almost all of our wedding costs ourselves but grooms family has decided they can afford to throw the rehearsal dinner.  Wonderful right? well the brother with children is known for taking advantage of anything free and the parents are quite aware of this and have stated they do not want children at the dinner after the rehearsal.  How in the world would you word this on your invite without being quite rude?  They are not at all etiquette friendly so jusy writing adult names on the invite would mean squat to them.  I don't want to step on toes but the children in reference are quite naughty and will no doubt be misbehaving and taking the attention off of the people it should be on.  I'm by no means an attention whore but it is a bit about us ya know? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!! The wedding is in November so I know I jhave time but I would like to chack it off the never ending list. :)
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    i think if the parents are paying for it then they should be the ones to say something
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    I agree. They should be the ones telling your FBIL that their children are not invited to the RD. Maybe suggest a babysitter for them if they protest and do not want to leave the children behind.
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    I agree with the other ladies! Have your fiancees parents do it, also tell your bridal party and other family and ask them to spread the word!
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    If it's your FBIL's parents that are paying for it, shouldn't they be able to talk to their own kid about this without offending them?  I'd delegate that bit of work out to them.
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    we hired a babysitter for my sister in laws wedding we had two of them that are very responsible and had them from friday to sunday they were in charge of the wedding party kids and the wedding party's other children it worked out great because the baby sitters chased the kids kept them intertained and also it releaved the stress off the parents to be able to enjoy nthe wedding also if you dont want kids at rehearsel diddnter have the inlaws put on the invite that the reception is not going to be child friendly so please leave the children at home
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