Best Place to Get Paper for Invites

I was told Anchor Paper on University Ave. W. in St. Paul is a good place to purchase paper, etc for the invites.  Has anyone used another source?  Looking for the best prices!  Thanks.

Re: Best Place to Get Paper for Invites

  • Try the MSP board. I know they have some places that other brides have used.
  • I've heard a lot of people get their paper at Paper Depot.  We priced out paper there and it was a little spendy for us.  We ended up getting paper at Michaels with a 40% off coupon.  We are making our own invites though.
  • I went to Ancher paper in Plymoth.  The people there were very helpful, and they had a wide variety of paper to chose from.  It also was fairly reasonable in cost.  They have large sheets of paper that they cut down to the size you need.
  • I got my paper from the Anchor paper off University. It was very cheap for us!!
  • AETS26AETS26 member
    Anchor is good, also look at paperandmore.com - that's what I'm using.
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