What to expect?

I forget what percent they say to usually expect to not come to your wedding...

The venue we are choosing holds 200.  Right now our guest list is at 233.  We have around 30 out of town guests.  The rest are family or very close friends, which makes me think they are less likely to RSVP no.  Thoughts??  Is it a little risky to invite that many??
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Re: What to expect?

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    expect 100% to show! You never know...and you wouldn't want 233 people to show up and have no place to go.
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    Is it out of the question to have 233 in your venue..for fire codes safety and what not? They usually say plan on only 75% of people showing up. But I've always wanted to plan for them all! Check with your venue to see what the fire code is..do they have a patio or anything to have something that is both in and out?
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    As long as budget is not a factor and you can't afford 233 so your hoping only 200 show up I say like the others said make sure it's not a fire hazard but plan for most like 90% coming. I mean you never know and people do like to make it to weddings because they are so special.  My FI and I are in same boat but had to cut our list down significantly because our budget and our venue didn't allow all the people we wanted to attend.
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    I have heard from many different vedors that around 10-15% rsvp no and there is always 5% that rsvp yes and don't show up. I am also inviting around 230 people, however we already know all of our out-of-towners that are coming and have a rather good idea of everyone in town who will be coming, we are estimating 200. 

    As for if it is risky or not really depends on you, your budget, and how important those 230 people are to your special day!  Would you really miss your father's second cousin that you meet when you were 4? Probably not, CUT! 

    Good luck! 
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    This is a really scary thought for me as well. Our reception venue only hold 250 max and we're over 300. I know I've heard many times that you are supposed to account for 75% of invited guests to show, but I still think its risky!

    I'm having to rethink who we've invited and start removing some. A good way to determine who you think will truly come is to start asking around...especially those out of towners you're not sure can travel or not. For example, I have some family in Vegas and California. I specificially asked them if they would be able to make the trip when I sent out my save the dates a couple months ago.

    Good luck!
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    We invited 200 and only 24 are not coming.

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