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  Hello all!
 This is my first time ever posting:) We are looking at EventLab(out of MNPLS) for our reception and I'm wondering if anyone has used them in the past, knows of anyone who has used them, or could give me any feedback/inside info on their experience with them? We're just starting to do research for our reception decor etc. and we need LOTS of advice:) Thank you!

Re: Reception Decor

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    We didn't want the traditional white tooling with x-mas lights. Plus every place we called wanted $2500 for it. Instead we are probably going to hire our DJ to do some uplighting.


    check it out
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    I think no matter what the location you can get away with as little or much decor as you personally want. If the location is already naturally nice to look at, then why hide it with so much tulle. Besides then it is just that much more to clean up. Aside from decorating the tables and the arch we are getting married under, I will not be doing much other decorating. Our reception location is fairly new and still very nice looking on its own. They are windows located up and down both sides of the building. It is the Norwood Young America Pavillion and it is simply beautiful with the wodd floor and beams across the ceiling.
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