Wedding planner?

My fiance and I are getting married next year, in November, and have started planning the big things now (the church, and reception site), but have no idea what to do about the little things.  We don't have a ton of money to spend, but he says a wedding planner might be worth the cost to help with the stress and to make sure nothing is forgotten.  He knows that if something is missing I'm more than likely the one who would be distracted on the big day. Is he right about getting a planner, or should we just use family and friends to help out?  

Thank you

Re: Wedding planner?

  • Having been to a bunch of weddings in the last few years, the planners I've seen usually spend more time telling other vendors how to do their job than actually doing theirs. I think if you get quality vendors you won't need a planner.
  • We didn't have one.  I just had a 2 attendents.  I know some people use them to help you into the dress ect but I didn't need that.  I had 2 friends that I knew I could trust and I knew that they thought like me, so I just put them in charge for the time while I was getting ready.  It worked out well for us.  When the party started, I had a desinated person to make decisions.  This was required by our venus as they didn't want us to be bothered all the time.  It worked GREAT for us!
  • I wouldn't use one. Just have your BM's and your personal attendant help you. If you have a budget. There is no sense in spending money on a planner when you could use that money towards your wedding. There are so many sites on the internet of checklists etc, where you won't be able to forget anything. :)
  • I used Cara at Copper Crown Design & Events.  She's awesome to work with.  If you don't need a ton of help, she can just do the things you want her to do for an hourly rate, so you can scale the services to what you need.  She created a master check list for me and a timeline for when I have to have stuff completed, and a budget, etc.  It's not that expensive and it's a huge relief.
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