worried about everything being booked!

My wedding isn't until August 11, 2012 and I know it's still quite a few months away, but I feel like I'm planning everything to fast! I know its good to book the venue early (which is already done) but I've already booked the decorator and got a hold of the ceremony musicians.  Am I being smart by making sure we book what we would like? or am I just rushing everything because of my fear that we won't get what we would like to have at the ceremony and reception? 

Re: worried about everything being booked!

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    You probably will get more reassurance if you post on your wedding month board (August 2012)- the ladies there can help you out during your process and answer your questions :)

    I planned everything fast too- it feels good to get the biggest thing checked off the list. Summer is a busy season for weddings, so yes you were smart :)
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    all of our vendors said that the ealier you book the better off you are. when you find something you like and know you want, get it and check it off.
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    We've been feeling the same way and our wedding is Sept 2012.  Everyone is telling us that it is better to book early though just in case.  

    We were just at a wedding fair this past weekend and all the vendors there were saying that weddings dates are starting to trend more to Aug-Oct instead of April-June, so probably good for you to book early 
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    You're not booking things too soon at all. We booked our venue 1.5+ years in advance (and reserved the last Saturday available that month)! If there's a vendor you really want, book it!
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    Your NOT booking to fast. The sooner you book the more choice you have. Keep going. It will be nice to not have to worry about everything at the last minute. My wedding is in June and I am almost done with everything. Our wedding is 7 months away - it feels great!
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