Help with friend officitaing our wedding

Since we are not all that religious...and without getting into the church aspect of this...

We have decided that we would like one of our close friends to officiate our wedding. We haven't gotten far on the planning of this yet, but we do feel very comfortable with this.

I am nearly certain you can do this in MN, once we get him ordained which you can do online...only I can't seem to find any website that I KNOW are legit and when I look through the states website I tend to get confused on what we need to do exactly.

Is it really as simple as ordering a peice of paper with his name on it and then showing it to the county that we are getting married in? I feel like I must be missing something.

Has anyone decided on this too and know what to do, or do you know anyone who has done this, or do you even know where to maybe start?


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Re: Help with friend officitaing our wedding

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    This is what we are probably doing too. I believe the fee is like $40. I'm not sure on all the info because it was my FI that looked it all up but if I find out I'll try to remember to let you know!
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    Thanks!!! What I have found it's around $40 but I just don't know what to do with anything...
    Everyone's story is beautiful but OURS is my FAVORITE
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    This is exactly what we're doing too.  Go to ulc.net and have your friend get ordained there.  Then order the Ordination Credential Certificate, it's $5.  Then go to the Anoka county website and print off the Certificate of Filing form and the Credit Card Payment form.  You can fax the Ordination Credentials, Filing form (needs to be notarized, your bank should do this for free), and the Credit Card form to the Government Center Vital Statistics Office.  That way nobody has to even go anywhere.  The filing fee for that is also $5.  Then they should get a packet in the mail 10-14 days later.  I don't know exactly what's in that yet because I haven't asked our friend, but I don't think there is any super important documents.

    Even if you aren't getting married in Anoka county you should do it with them.  I waited for over an hour in Hennepin county only to find out that the Ordination Credential wasn't accepted there but was in Anoka.  Like the marriage license, the officiant will be able to do the ceremony anywhere in the state.

    Good luck and I hope this was helpful!  Hopefully you see this before you spend $40.
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    Awesome! Thanks so much! Then from there they can marry you in any county? I live in Anoka County but we are getting married in Dakota County...I thought I read somewhere that you had to be registered in the same county you are getting married? But like I said, I kept getting confused.
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    Nope.  From what I have been told, just like the marriage license, the filing papers are good for any county in the state.  You could call either the Dakota County or Anoka County offices if you feel the need.

    From the Register Ordination Certificate page on Anoka County's website:
    "Once the certificate is registered, marriages may be performed anywhere in the state. "
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    Fantsatic! Thanks so much!!
    Everyone's story is beautiful but OURS is my FAVORITE
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    My brother officiated our wedding, and he was only certified for the county we got married in, although our marriage license could be for any county.  I would double check that fact before you pay to file the officiant paperwork in Anoka County.
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    Hi!  I just got my ordained ministry certificate online as well.  I have read through the rules/regulations.  Once you registered, you can perform weddings anywhere in Minnesota.  Many counties ask for different things.

    I am in Hennepin and it only asks for proof - which would be a certificate.  I am not positive on the other counties.

    I hope you have a wonderful day!
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