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Has anyone had their wedding reception at Prom Center in Oakdale?  Did you like it?

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  • My fiance and I had a scheduled tour of the Prom Center about a month ago.  I'm not even sure you could call it a "tour."  Our tour consisted of "here it is, any questions?"  When asking for additional information (especially about pricing) she acted as if it was an inconvenience for her to give us handouts listing this information.  Customer service was very poor.  We were very disappointed when we left because we really did have high hopes for the Prom Center.  The woman we would have been working with was not friendly and appeared to dislike her job greatly.  She even suggested that we check out some other venue other than the Prom Center which was very shocking!  We had previous tours with other reception sites that were 100% better than what we got at the Prom Center.

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    I have been emailing this lady  and she has been doing a really good job emailing back and forth and said that she would be happy to give us a tour of the place.  I wonder if it is the same lady.  She seemed pretty nice in email.   What are some other reception sites that you and your fiance looked at?  
  • I sent you a private message.
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