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Hey! Looking at a few photographers... Has anyone out there used either Paul Krey Photography out of St. Joseph or Image Express out of St. Cloud? And what do you think? I've talked to both places and they are very nice but I'd like some info on how they perform on the wedding day :-)

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    Try Bayside Images Photographty, they are on the outside of St. Cloud.  The phone number is 320-597-2254 or bausideimages.com
    Have Fun
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    I originally book Advent Imaging
    but switched to a friend of the family that is giving us a super deal. She is out of Plymouth
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    Sorry I misread your post- I have not heard of or talked to either places. Have you asked for recommendations? I know they will probably give you the good ones but you can see when the weddings were etc. If they have no recent good reviews that may say something.
    I was unable to google to find the Image Express place. So that being said it pushes me towards Paul Krey.
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    OH Btw I've had family pictures taken at Bayside Images, and my sister has had baby pictures taken there and Neither of us have been impressed with them.
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    Whitney Furst Photography is WONDERFUL! Email me and I can send details - [email protected] or visit the website at www.whitneyfurst.com.
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