This happen to anyone else??

I feel like I need to share my story.  My pictures were taken bySteve Rouch Photography.
I had an absolutely terrible experience with our wedding photographer.  He was dishonest with us. There were several terrible things that this photographer has done to us let me just share a few.  We were promised a video in additional to some of our blown up pictures.  My photographer never took any footage and therefore we have no video..he is refusing to give any money back.  I was very unhappy with his work- it was so unprofessional and outdated.  I let him know that I was unhappy with the product and asked him if there was anything that he would do to make us a happy couple...he did not respond to me.  Really seems like the only thing he wanted was money.  On our wedding night he walked up to my husband who had done NO previous paperwork with him (everything was done by me).  The photographer said, your wife just signed this, we need you to sign it too.  My husband not in the right state of mind just signed the document and went on enjoying the night.  I did not sign anything from this photographer nor did he ever ask me.  The document said something about not being able to get your money back if you do not like the pictures.  He clearly lied to my husband just to try to protect himself and get his money. We are broken hearted one by the photos from our day, if that is not enough now we feel like we have been completely scammed. Did anything like this happen to anyone else?Kelly

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    a few of my family have used steve with great success. so I'm not sure why this has happened. I do feel for you. perhaps there was a miscommunication?
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    Definately not miscommunication.  He flat out lied several times.  I have never been treated by anyone the way that he has treated my family and my wedding.  He lied several times and has been lying even now to cover up his mistakes.  I think you might have been the first person that I have heard from that had a decent experience with him.  I am glad things worked out well for you but I would not recommend ANYONE to a business like this.  With us, he seemed to only be out for money at the cost of my wedding day which is priceless and I can never get back. 
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    Thats who I was thinking about using for my wedding, but chose Bella Photography instead. Sorry that happened to you!
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    I almost picked him too! That is awful that happened! I am so sorry.
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