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Has anyone heard/gone through the cute little coffee shop called Cupcake, in St. Paul does with weddings? I'd like cupcakes...and they seem reasonable in price from what I've experienced. Wondering if people have any reviews and/or other suggestions for reasonably priced places. Thanks.

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    I haven't seen them at any weddings, but I've had their cupcakes and they're delicious! If you pick them up and set them up, I couldn't see what would really go wrong, even if they don't do much weddings.
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    Ditto Laura. I've never used them for a wedding or been to one with them.  But we used to go there (too) often in college. YUM!  They have a really fun atmosphere, too, so my hunch is they'd be great to work with!
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    They're doing my wedding in October. They actually do a fair amount of wedding catering, too... so they know what they're doing,

    In addition to cupcakes, you can rent the display tower from them... and I think they'll even decorate it for you. Also, you can order a 6-inch cake in any flavor they offer, which you can place on top of the cupcake display and use for cake-cutting. And the cake's only an additional $20 bucks.

    It's seriously a great deal and so far, they've been great to work with.
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    I've been there, it's a cute place. Coco and Fig has yummy stuff too!
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    So..I'm just seeing this post now..HA. I'm using them in FI and I's wedding June 2011. SO excited!! We're doing a lemon/lime theme..and they had lemon and lime cupcakes!! PERFECT!! Best part....THEY'RE ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!! Awesome group of people to work with =D Would highly recommend Cupcake.
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