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Ok! His brother has been an extreme pain in the backside! First he refused to buy the pants. So I said Whatever he can wear whatever white ones he has. Now that we are 3 weeks away, he decides now would be a fabulous time to buy his shirt. Turns out the color is no longer being sold, and he "won't pay that much for the shirt." This is the same guy that told us he's gonna start buying Louis Vuitton and Gucci. FI has no problem kicking him out, but I've been trying to keep the peace. At this point I'm fed up with his diva ways! Suggestions??
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Re: His best man

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    Ah, that's frustrating! I'm sorry! I would maybe have your FI talk to him. Tell him that since you're already letting him wear his own white pants, it'd be nice if he could at least have the shirt that you guys would like him to have. I would try my best to avoid kicking him out completely, that'd be a lot of drama. GL :)
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    Well turns out, the shirt is no longer being sold in the color and amazingly, every single one of the groomsmen somehow decided yesterday would be the day to order! So I had to find a new one and they now have a deadline. They keep saying money was an issue but we offered to help when we first told them about the shirts! And I thought my girls were slackers!
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