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So I am getting married at the Como Zoo Conservatory next winter and I need some advice.  The only people that are going to be at the wedding will be my parents, his parents, my 2 brothers, and the pastor.  I promised my little brother that he could be in the wedding because he really wanted to be.  Would it be weird to have my fiance and I standing in front of the pastor and have my older brother next to my fiance and my little brother next to me as a "maid of honor."  Also, do you think since its such a small wedding that it will look funny if 5 people (pastor, couple, brothers) are standing and only 4 parents are sitting...should I have the brothers sit after they walk in?  And if my little brother is standing next to me, should i hand my bouquet to him and then have a vase available for him to put it in so he won't look dumb holding flowers the whole ceremony?

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  • I think that its your wedding so you need to do what you feel comfortable.  I think it would be really sweet to your little brother stand next to you.  I think either or for the flowers. Maybe ask him what he prefers?  Same goes with the sitting down.  Ask them what they would like to do. 

    It sounds like an awesome intimate ceremony!
  • I agree with above. If your brother does not want to hold the flowers you could have an empty vase on the podium and your flowers could be an added decoration during the ceromony

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    I think the empty vase is a great idea!
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