Engagement photos same season as wedding?

So our wedding is a ways out (October 2013), but we're thinking about when we should get our engagement photos done. I'd still like to lose some weight before getting out any announcements or anything, so I'm not in a huge rush. I do love fall, and we have a fall wedding planned--so would it be kind of boring to have two sets of fall photos, one from a year prior and then the wedding? Should I switch it up, do summer or spring... maybe even winter instead?

Re: Engagement photos same season as wedding?

  • We're getting married June 2013, we did our pictures the first week of June because we love summer and we wanted to see how pictures would turn out outdoors for our wedding so we decided to use our engagment session to practice for that too! I don't think it is a problem to take your engagment pictures the same season as your wedding.
  • I don't think it really matters.  I would do whatever you like the most.  I have seem winter photos and I think they are adorable.  MN falls can be amazing too!  Spring-you just might not know the weather to be honest.  I did mine in May and I kinda regret it. It was so hot and humid, so I felt that they just didn't look at nice because I was wall shiny and my hair wasn't handling the humidy well.
  • We are getting married in Oct of 2014 and we are actually going to do our engagement pictures in Oct as well, I just think it would be so pretty to have the different colors leaves in the background and we both love fall!
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