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Has anyone used M.E. Photos out of Stacey, MN.  Her name is Kara K. I saw her on the list of venders on here when looking at photographers but I can't find any reviews on her elsewhere.  I have tried Weddingwire and she doesn't come up. I have been emailing her and she seems great!  I just want to get some other people's opinions.


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    I have not actually used her yet, but we are booked with her May 7. She was actually recommended to me by a Knottie on the MSP boards along with a list of about 4 others and she was the first and only one to respond back. She is on Facebook under "M.E. Photos" and it gives you a link to her blogspot. Try posting this in the Minneapolis/St Paul board you'll probably get more responses. She doesn't charge for travel so even though she's out of Stacy (which I didn't know when I hired her; she just said she didn't charge to travel out to Mankato) she's probably done work in the Cities. :)
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    She is charging me for travel :( but she is still one of the cheapest options.  She responded back and we have been writing emails back and forth.  I just worry about hiring someone without reviews or a really good website.  She has a blog and her pics are really pretty. I posted in on the MSP board and one other person wrote back and she kinda said the same thing.  You booked her in may but haven't actually used her yet.  I looked for reviews on boards but didn't find anything.  Maybe I am missing something.  I am still pretty new on here.

    Sigh, I just wish I know what to look for in a photographer!

    Thanks for the info!
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