So, whose going to the Wedding Fair at the Convention Center? Any tips?

So, tomorrow I'm excited to join the giant wedding fair, although I think I'll be feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the vendors. Any recommendations to making the most of the fair? I currently haven't booked any vendors, and am really happy to learn about everything I need to!
Thanks, Margaret!

Re: So, whose going to the Wedding Fair at the Convention Center? Any tips?

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    Hi-  I attended the wedding fair last year, and you are correct to assume you will get overwhelmed.  Here are some recommendations:

    1) Do your research.  Who is attending the fair (look online) that you FOR SURE want to visit their booths?  Make a list according to booth number so you can skip those not on the list if time gets cut close.  You can also use this vendor list as a way to do initial inquiries.  Take all of their contact information down and send out one e-mail per vendor group - move forward based on their responses. When talking with vendors, make a mental note of how much attention they give you - I used this as a basis to decide if I should follow up with them for future vendor inquiries.  Someone who ignored me at the fair WAS NOT going to get my business!  Considering you don't have any vendors booked, I would come up with a priority list of what type of vendor to focus on.  You will not be able to/or will get burned out trying to visit all of the vendors at the whole fair.

    2) Bring a shoulder-sling/messenger style bag.  You will be getting lots of samples and paperwork and fliers, nothing is worse than having to carry it all around in a plastic bag all day (they'll give you one at the door).  Have a messenger bag that you can hold a horizontal file folder in, put fliers/information into folders based on type of vendor you get them from (don't take more than you need from them).  Bring only bare minimal in with you (not a large purse) - less to carry.

    3) Wear comfortable shoes and light/walking friendly clothing - this is not a fashion show.  It is going to be warm inside, especially after walking around.  Bring a bottle water if you want, I wish I had!

    4) Don't feel like you have to talk to everyone that approaches you.  Take your time visiting those you want to hit "for sure" and then peruse the rest and get food/dessert samples.

    Hope that helped a little bit - feel free to PM me if you need more info.
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    Bring your own pre-made labels with your name, groom’s name, wedding date, address, phone and email (like a return address sticker).  They sell these stickers to you at the door….I wish I would have thought to bring my own.  Everyone will want you to fill out this information so it saves you a lot of time. 


    There are lots of things to register to “win.”  I registered for everything, gave them a work phone number (few people called) and a junk email box that I actually do look through every now and then.  You will get a few bad “prizes.”  I got several calls to come to a presentation to and get a free trip and/or gifts.  I went to one that was for cook wear.  It was a neat presentation, but over all a waste of time for us—they gave us a crappy apron, a odd coupon for a free trip (no airfare included, three months to use it, you pick three locations off a small list and three dates and they pick a place and time for you…..) and a lot of grief for not buying their $3,000 pots.  We didn’t use the trip coupon, but people could I suppose.


    I get some cool coupons from restaraunts and hotels that I registered for a prize from.  If you are thinking about any laser hair removal or skin rejuvenation register at the respective booths—it seems they send everyone at least a $100 “gift certificate”.  It is not a good deal if you were not already planning on it, but if you were it is a bit of a savings. A friend of mine got a $500 gift certificate and went in thinking it would cover the costs of underarm laser—not even close.


    I won a $2,500 honeymoon from Delta Vacations which was totally awesome.  I have hotel and airfare booked  for my honey moon and have only paid $400 so far.

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