Outdoor Ceremony in May in Minnesota!??!?

The venues my fiance and I are looking at seem to be extremely picked over for next spring/early summer.  Our favorite venue has 5/5/12 and 7/14/12 and nothing in June! 

We are leaning towards 5/5/12 but here's the thing: the reception venue has a beautiful outdoor patio with a gazebo and enough seating for all of our guests so we have been STRONGLY considering the cermony outdoors on the patio, then inside afterwards for the reception.  The patio is not covered, so perhaps I would rent a couple free-standing 20x20 tents. 

Am I crazy to have an outdoor ceremony in May in Minnesota?????? It could be beautiful but it could be far worse. 

Should we just take the 7/14/12 date??

Re: Outdoor Ceremony in May in Minnesota!??!?

  • hippoloverhippolover member
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    The problem with both of the dates is in May it could maybe rain or be cold.  In July you might be sweating so bad because of the heat.  I personally would take my chances in May. It may be really nice and beautiful. Maybe your event center would have a plan if it rained and everything could get moved inside.

    GL choosing a date!
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    Your venue sounds very similar to my own:) Based on the current May weather I would choose July. I know July is a hot month but if you want an outdoor ceremony I think you have better chances of not getting rained out if its in July. Good luck!!!
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