How many venues did you tour?

Hi everyone! I'm in the early stages of planning my late April/May/June 2014 wedding. I will be wed in MPLS (hometown), but live far away (2+ hour flight). That being said, I have a whirlwind day of tours while I'm home for the holidays. Probably wont be home again until its time to sign a contract. SOO..how many venues did you tour? Are there any MPLS venues not worth the time (please, any honest feedback is appreciated!) ? Any hidden gems out there that might not come up in a knot.com search?

Re: How many venues did you tour?

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    We ended up seeing 4 before we found one that we both loved a lot, and then we saw 2 others because I already made the appointment. So 6 total. I would just say to only make appointments for the places that are in budget, especially with only have a day to make the rounds. I thought that if the place was awesome enough, I would be willing to up the budget, but that wasn't really the case.

    You might re-port this on the Minneapolis-St.Paul board which is more active. And details like price range, preferences (indoor/outdoor) will help people help you better.
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    Thank you! I've just discovered the boards so I will post over there!
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    I got married in January at Crystal Lake Golf Course in Lakeville.  My budget for me entire wedding was $10,000, so its def budget friendly. They have it all decorated for Christmas and it is beautiful.  Diane and Victora are great to work with, and the food is AMAZING. 

     I just wanted to throw that option out there!
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