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So I noticed that a lot of people on TK are against dollar dances and I guess that I see it all the time at dances in southern Minnesota. I was just wondering if it is more acceptable around here? 

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    It really depends on the location of where your guests are from and the norm.  I am from SE MN and it is 100% expected/normal that you do one at weddings. Its part of the culture. Obviously people do have certain preferences about it so they choose not to do it.

    I think brides from other states out of the midwest maybe find it to be weird because it isn't a norm for them.

    I plan to do one at my wedding but I think what we will do is instead of keeping the money, we will be donating the money. As favors we are donating money too, but people on TK are highly against it, but we are still doing it anyway.
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    just as pp said, it depends on where you are from. it is a midwestern thing. Every wedding we have ever been to has had one. Just remember what you read on the knot is just people's opinions. Moreso to the point it is people who probably won't even be at your wedding, so do not worry about whether or not the brides here agree with you. This is your wedding. There isn't a wrong way to do it, as long as you and your FI are happy with the results.
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    Every wedding I've been to has had one too. My FI's family owns a DJ/entertainment company and they have some great ideas for keeping the mood upbeat instead of the long half hour pause... ask your DJ if you have one for some cool ideas if you're looking for something a little different. Either way... it's totally acceptable!
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    It's very common. Personally, I wouldn't have it at my wedding but that's just my opinion.
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