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I am looking for a unique place to have an outdoor fall wedding and reception in the St Cloud area.  Would love to hear some ideas!

Thank you

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    Munsinger Gardens would be a good place for the ceremony, I don't think you can do a reception there, here is the information from their website.

    Weddings are held in the Munsinger Gardens Special Events Area at the South end of the Garden. A permit is required for weddings held at Munsinger Gardens. To make a reservation and receive a permit, please contact the Parks Department at 320-255-7216.

    There is a fifty (50) person limit for all weddings held in Munsinger Gardens. This includes all members of the wedding party.

    You may reserve a two hour time block for weddings. This time includes your photography time with no additional fees.

    Call Parks Department at 320-255-7216 for pricing.

    or visit the Parks Department www.ci.stcloud.mn.us/Park/Gardens/MunsingerCeremonies.aspx">Website.

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    Territory Golf Club-usually for receptions, but you could do ceremony there too? (outside); same goes for most golf clubs
    SCSU campus/Heritage park
    Riverside park
    Quarries...not sure if you can, but it's an idea
    Do you know someone who lives on the river with a good yard?

    I'll probably think of more later but I'll keep you posted. HTH!
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    Im getting married at Mulligans in Sartell on the Grand Lodge side and its beautiful!!!

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    Mulligans is beautiful! Kind of on the expensive side though because it's so nice. I would check out the other golf courses in the area. Blackberry Ridge in Sartell is also very nice. Territory Golf Course and Wapicada are nice and pretty reasonable! The St. Cloud Country Club is also nice. All of which will do the outdoor ceremony and you can have the reception there as well, so that's always nice!
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