How to let Guest Know Where we are registered

Hey Ladies -
I was just reading on Ask Carly that the cards you get from the store you are registered at should not go in the Inivations ...
Is it ok to put them with the Save the Dates? I am not planing on having a Shower but we will be doing a Gift Opening Brunch the next morning...
How do I tell guests about where we are registered?
And who should I include in the Gift Brunch?!?

Re: How to let Guest Know Where we are registered

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    You're right, etiquette says not in the invitations. I'm not sure about Save the Dates, but IMHO I'd say not there either. It's like saying, "We're getting married! Remember to STD and bring a gift!"

    You can include it on your website, which you can put on the STD or map or accomodation portion of your invites. Otherwise, I'd say rely on word of mouth to pass the info along if there isn't a shower invite to include it on.

    For the Gift Brunch....I'd say wedding party and close family. I'm not inviting friends, they won't really care. I'd do all OOT but then it'd be throwing another wedding size party, so we're going to keep it to WP (who prolly won't even stay the whole time) and then immediate family.

    HTH! :)

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    You shouldn't be registering before you send out Save the Dates - way too early IMO.

    Registry info should be spread by word of mouth - your wedding party, family, close friends should know and that's it.  The ONLY place it's ok to write *might* be on your wedding website.  No where else - that's gift grabby.  "Hey look where we registered, buy us stuff."

    The gift opening can be as big or small as you want it to be.  Ours was our immediate families and wedding party, though not all were able to attend (nor need they attend).

    HTH!  Feel free to come over to the Minneapolis/St. Paul board if you'd like :)
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    I've seen it put on the Bridal shower invites as well. Those invited to the bridal shower will be able to tell others where you are registered. Include in the invties an insert that says something like this...For more informations please visit our webiste www.ourweddingwebsite.com.
    This is what i'm going to do. Undoubtedly not everyone can get online to see this but at least you tried.
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    Little Sweetie I have been! I posted this there and didn't get any responses so I tried here :-)
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