DJs vs. iPod playlist

My fiance and I are trying to figure out if we want to be thrifty and put together an iPod mix for our reception or pay for a DJ.  Some great DJs in mind, but basically, I'm wondering if any of you have either had a wedding in which you chose to use an iPod mix or if you've BEEN to a wedding where they did this and what you thought.  I think it might be worth the extra money to have a peace of mind, but want some validation from other Knotties :) 

Thank you!!
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Re: DJs vs. iPod playlist

  • brimavenbrimaven member
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    Definitely worth paying for a professional.
    for so many reasons:

    1) if the ipod set-up fails, the dance is over.
    2) the DJ is there to act as an emcee, making anouncements, and coordinating events
    3) if you do an i-pod, you have to come up with the entire playlist. (lots of extra stress)
    4) if that music isn't getting people out there, you are stuck, but a DJ can change it at a moments notice

    I went to an i-pod wedding in 2008 for a co-worker who was trying to save a couple bucks. She said she would have rather not gotten chair covers to save money. Also, when you hire the DJ, make sure they have back-up. Just in case.
  • laura_fettlaura_fett member
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    My cousin had an iPod wedding, with the groom's cousin taking charge of it. There were a couple of fairly large incidents that could have been avoided if there was a professional DJ. The first incident was that he announced the first dance and neither the B or G were even in the room, so the dance floor was completely empty for the whole song, nobody told them that their first song was on. When they finally got into the room to do a redo, he flipped through a couple songs during their dance because they weren't good slow songs. Throughout the night he would change a song in the middle because he didn't like it, and played one song in particular several times during the night.

    Even though these things happened, I think overall the dance went fine. Lots of people danced, there was a lot of variety in the songs. I know my cousin spent a huge amount of time on the selection of songs, but from that experience I would spend the money on a professional. You need someone to be in charge of the music anyway, and I wouldn't want to ask any of my friends or family to do it. I would like someone who can read the crowd and pick the right music for that group.

    If you spend a lot of time finding the right music, getting a large selection with a variety of music, and have someone who really wants to be the DJ, then I would say go for it, but be wary. Good luck!
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    Thanks girls!!  Just the kind of validation I was hoping for!! :)

    Good to know what others have experienced and hear the pros and cons from you!
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  • Kayla*MarieKayla*Marie member
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    The entertainment is what makes the reception... budget in extra for a professional DJ/entertainment company. 
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