David's Bridal Roseville?

I am going in JUST to try on 'shapes' of dresses soon... this is my third marriage but I have never worn a gown before b/c I was over 300# and didn't think they looked good on me AT ALL.  I don't know what shape looks best on my finally-slimmer figure, and I am not ready to buy.  I just want to try on.  Are they going to try to hard sell me?  Just looking for some feedback or ideas on a good place to start.  Thanks and congrats to all!

Lisa and Peter
4/13/13 Vegas, Baby!

Re: David's Bridal Roseville?

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    When I went there I explained it was my first time trying and looking so I was unsure of what I wanted.  They were really nice and I didn't find them pushy at all, I was actually super impressed with the service and the fact I wasn't pressured. Good Luck!
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