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Hi ladies,
If you're some months along in your planning process, we're collecting advice for brides who are just getting started. Do you have any "If someone had just told me" style advice? Or anything you've learned that would have saved you a lot of time and trouble? We'd love to share your input!

Thanks for your time.


Re: Your advice needed!

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    This is on the MSP board just yesterday! :)

    I am the bride just starting out, so I don't have much to add.
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    If you disagree on something with your fiance' and it's really important to him, take a step back and figure out why you disagree.  Example,  I wanted the groommen to wear tuxes and my fiance' wanted them to wear black suits, I started to argue with him, took a few days to think and realized the reason I didn't want them to wear suits was because I was worried about the suits that may end up showing up.  So I requested that I see each suit to approve of it, and my Fiance' was fine with that.

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    A couple websites I found useful were

    Etsy.com & Oriental Trading.com

    Good luck and HAVE FUN!! I'm half way there and have been having soo much fun!!!!! 

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