Wedding Fairs

Are those wedding fairs worth going to?  Do you get a lot of ideas from there that are useful?

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    It depends on what you're looking for. If you have nothing booked, it's nice to look around and see what venues/vendors are around and pick up some info. If you do know of a vendor or venue you want, they usually do a fair special. My friend knew where she wanted to book her reception and did it that day for a nice discount. If you already have a lot of things booked/bought, then it's not really worth it.

    There are a lot of drawings but just remember to be smart about any catches (especially any "free" trips). Some are nice prizes, like money off a photographer or something. Some aren't that exciting. Don't let yourself be pushed into booking anything either!
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    I agree with jenni, there are some good things and bad things at fairs.  I got an amazing cake idea (and my aunt was able to replicate it), and found some really fun ideas for centerpieces.  I didn't book anything, but had a lot of fun with my Mom and Aunt at one, and my then FI now husband at the other!  I love the style shows if they have them, excellent way to look for ideas for your dress, bm dresses, tuxes, etc.
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    They have alot of great deals. But it does depend on if you have things booked or not.

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    Bring name labels with your contact info, wedding date, etc.

    If you are going with the intention of possibly booking something, plan to bring the checkbook.

    Talk to the types of vendors you are looking for. If you already have your limo booked, no need to stop and talk to all the limo companies.

    These are just some of the things I've learned.
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    I would also be ready for an ambush of phone calls and emails. I got contacted by a lot of companies whose booths I never visited.. I suspect because I registered my email/phone with the front desk when I arrived.
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