Sciecne Museum-Reception Concerns

My fiance and I are seriously thinking about having out reception at the Science Museum in St. Paul. But we have a few reservations. I'm wondering if any one has had a wedding reception or been to a wedding reception there and could answer some of my concern. My biggest concern is the fact that the museum is still open and the noise and distraction of the museum guest. Please let me know your thoughts. I would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Sciecne Museum-Reception Concerns

  • When I took the tour there I had the same concerns but I took the coordinators answers to make some sense. The wedding tends to be louder than the museum and the Science Museum is not exactly a happening place by 7 or 8 pm on a saturday night.
  • That's kind of what I was thinking. Thanks for the response!!
  • I've been to a wedding reception there and there was no problem with noise from the museum being open. The wedding reception was loud enough that the rest of the museum was no concern.
  • Yes, agreed with kristen2318.  The reception there was great and there is no interaction between your wedding guests and museum-goers.  Plus, I love that patio area outside that overlooks the river.  So pretty! 
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  • Thanks Everyone!
  • not really a response to your concerns... but I was just wondering a few things my FI and I are holding a temp contract with them and I was wondering when your wedding is and once you guys get some pictures back if you could post them because I would love to see what the place looks like with people in there not just set up.
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  • we are also ones who are on a temp hold. Our wedding isn't till 6/22/2013. When is yours? Sorry I'm not more help. Have you talked to any of the event staff about checking a wedding out now? My FI and I went 30 minutes before the reception started to see everything set up and view the space. It was pretty helpful. We are going to try and do it one more time just to get an idea. Hope that helps. 
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