Cookie favor help!

Hello Ladies!
This is my first time on this board and I need some help from some local brides! I really like the idea of having personalized frosted sugar cookies for my favors but I can't seem to find a bakery that makes them. Do you ladies know of any? TIA!
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Re: Cookie favor help!

  • hippoloverhippolover member
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    You could try the MSP board. It is a lot more active than the MN board.

    I am using Jeff Perlia as my baker for my cake. His website doesn't say he does cookies specifically, but it does say he does custom orders.  If his cookies are good like his cake you will fall in love with him!

    He is super nice and easy to get a hold of.  LINK <------this is his website.

  • Raquel928Raquel928 member
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    Thanks so much I'll take a look at his website and I'll xp on the msp board!
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    Emily's Bakery in Hastings, MN!
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