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Hello all,

My fiance and I lvoe the outdoors and wanted to have our wedding at one of the beautiful State Parks that we have here in Minnseota.  With the State still shut down, I haven't been able to contact anyone so I thought I would ask if anyone has either held or attended a weddnig at one of the State Parks? 

Our number one choice is at the head waters of the mississippi in Itasca State Park, but we are also considering Afton and Forestville/mystery cave.

Does anyone have any experience with state park weddings?  Are there large fees for the ceremony or restrictions on whre in the park we can set up chairs? 

Any advice would be helpful, we are looking at a guest list of no more than 120 people (probably more like 100).  If we were married at Itasca, then we would have the reception in the Lodge up there.


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    My brother got married at Gooseberry State Park last summer. The rental fee was reasonable for them and they reserved a shelter for the whole afternoon/evening. You have to clean up after yourself and they can not prevent other people from using the park...which means you may have onlookers. Everyone brought their own lawn chairs, which worked fine. When the park opens talk with the park manager about what kind of facilities you can rent.  FYI-state parks do not allow alcohol.
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    I would recommend posting on the MSP board too.  They are much more active!

    But I have noticed this board picking up. LOVE IT~
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    I am having my wedding there this year, Sept 30, 2011. The state shut down was a little freightening, but now that they reopen I hope you contacted someone. The lady I called was Kris, that is the person that will mostly help you set up all your wedding needs. As far as I know there isn't any restrictions on where to have the ceremony. There is no fees to getting married, only if you want to do the lake tour on the boat, 1 hr $600 2 hrs $800 and 3 $1000, unless you need to reserve a lodge or one of there buildings, it would be $200 to reserve that certain building.
    Hope all goes well and you get to at Itasca, it is very beautiful and the perfect place for a wedding!!
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    My fiance and I are also looking at having our small ceremony in a State Park.  Just so you are aware State Parks do not allow alcohol, even for an event.  I wish we were closer to Itacsa!  What a beautiful and great place tor a wedding!  Best of luck in your planning!
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