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Does anyone know a good and not super expensive boudoir photographer in the Twin Cities area?

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  • I used Render Photography, Britt is AMAZING. Here's a link.
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    [QUOTE]I used Render Photography, Britt is AMAZING. Here's a link .
    Posted by TheWeirdBride[/QUOTE]

    <div>Thank you! They look great! I will check them out.</div>
  • my photographer does them too. She as great prices and was really fun to work with!

    Kristi Lemair
    Blackbird photography

  • If you're still looking for one, I also do them with my photo business. I can post info if you'd like, but I got snipped at before for offering photographer advice and just mentioning my business name (I was told I was advertising) but I'm happy to share - and boudoir photos are so fun!
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