Help! I need a dress by May 20!

This is very last minute, but we're seriously considering eloping in St Lucia when we go in May.  I realize that means I will not be ordering a traditional wedding gown because I have about 5 weeks before we leave.  I also realize I need to basically buy or order a dress this weekend to have any chance of it arriving in time..

I started looking online at bridesmaid dresses (David's Bridal and the Wedding Shoppe)... I found a few that might work but it stinks they don't come in white or ivory.  I'm hoping to go this Saturday and see if they have samples to try on, or color swatches at least.

Where else can I look for a beach or garden wedding dress (probably not a full length, and obviously doesn't have to be labeled as a "wedding" dress) either a place where I can buy right off the rack, or order and have it arrive before May 20?   Are there stores at the mall (Rosedale, Maplewood, MOA...) or somewhere else in the metro area?

Re: Help! I need a dress by May 20!

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