Florist Dilemma...Advice/Opinion???

I'm getting married in June and booked and paid a deposit to my florist about four months ago.  Last week my fiance and I won an engagement contest and as part of the prize pack I get my boquet free through a completely different florist.  Is it rude to ask them to work together?  I paid a deposit for the one, so I definately don't want to lose my money, but feel like we deserve to claim the prize as well....thanks!!!

Re: Florist Dilemma...Advice/Opinion???

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    I think you can ask them to work together.  Call your original florist and explain the situation.  If she's offended or concerned, then I'd drop it.  Maybe the company you won from will be willing to make you an altar arrangement, etc instead. 
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    great advice I ditto this. Id call your florist first, and see what they say.

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