Need a Retired Priest For Outdoor Wedding Help Please

I am looking for a retired priest for an outdoor wedding in St. Paul.
It is really important to me to include my religion and my Mexican culture at my wedding ( does anyone know of anyone who can perform a catholic wedding outdoors ? any recommendations?? or suggestions

Thanks a bunch 
You can also e-mail me at [email protected]

Wedding date Sept 25th 2010 

Re: Need a Retired Priest For Outdoor Wedding Help Please

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    Even if it's a retired Priest, if it's outdoors it won't be recognized by the Church.

    I don't know anyone. Have you called your church? They might know someone. I don't think a Catholic Priest even retired will do a wedding outdoors, though.
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    Agreed. I am fairly certain the Catholic Church will not recognize an outdoor wedding let alone officiate one. It has to be in a "house of God"! Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't God create nature and man build a church? Sorry, mini rant. I am also Catholic but want an outdoor wedding. We are using a Lutheran Chaplain.
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    The person Im using is Bill Albertson. (google him and hes on the knot) He will do anything you want. Hes not Catholic but he will help you create the ceremony of your dreams.
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    Opps just looked at your date and we are getting married on the same day! He may be busy but our ceremony is at 6:30pm maybe he can do two???
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