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I was going to go with the traditionsl lights and tulle on the head table but now I am leaning against it. My reception is at a golf club and we picked it because we knew we wouldn't need a ton of decor. We are having small centerpieces with lots of candles... anyone with a idea to add something special to the head table without lights?

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  • hippoloverhippolover member
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    We are just using the BM bouquets and spacing them out to add decor on the table.  You can lay them down with flowers side out or you can put them in vases. 
    Plus it saves money.  Two things for the price of one. :)
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    I have seen a lot of people on here making banners for their tables or doing some type of flower arrangement in the front of the table. Maybe you could use one of those! Good luck!
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    We are just planning on a table runner and then our bouquets and some tea light candles.
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    That is pretty pink with the black. Table cloth with small candles and flowers that is simple.

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