Gray Tuxedos or Suits for under $130??!!

I would really like to have the groomsman in gray tuxedos or suits, but I am only finding rentals for around $160.  Gray tuxs/suits seem to come in nicer fabrics that cost more.

I am so set on Gray that I have even joked with my FI that I would reimburse everyone for $40 each, but I know that is a huge no-no and poor etiquette.

Has anyone seen gray tuxs/suits anywhere for rent under $130?

Has anyone actually asked the groomsman to purchase suits?

Please help! I am desperate because I really would like to go with gray.

Re: Gray Tuxedos or Suits for under $130??!!

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    Did you try mens wearhouse?  I know that they are usually the cheapest for getting the men's attire. 

    Or K and G stores. It looks like they have them for $99.00  LINK
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    We're getting grey cutaway coats for $130 at Savvi. Not sure if it is your style, but they are definitely grey!
  • kelliem522kelliem522 member
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    Check with Mens Warehouse. They have multiple options for prices. The heavier the coat (with the tux) the cheaper it is. They have 3 different jacket weight options. The heaviest and the medium weight I believe are under $130.
    Good luck! :)
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    My FI actually asked the groomsmen if they would rather buy a suit or rent a tux and they all optend for the suit.  They decided the would rather spend an extra $40 and get to keep it than just rent it for a day....I would suggest asking your groomsmen, I don't think it's poor etiquette at all! And in the end they're the ones wearing it so ours were appreciative of asking their opinion.
  • llfinchllfinch member
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    Not sure if you have a JLong's near you? We got our suits for about $120, and they had a ton of styles!
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