Mayowood Stone Barn brides?


Just wondering if there were any other brides on this board who are getting married here?  I'm just in the beginning stages of planning and would love to hear what others are doing with the space.  


Re: Mayowood Stone Barn brides?

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    My best friends is getting married there next September and her FI sister just got married there in May.  I've been out there to view it with her...BEAUTIFUL.  You made a good choice.
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    Thanks!! I just fell in love with it when I went out there.  I would just love to know what other people are doing with the space (tables, dance floor, etc) since it is pretty much a blank canvas.  If your best friend is on the Knot send her my way :)
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    heard of it though

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    Hi There,

    My name is Pat and I own Le Jardin European Style Floral in Rochester, MN. We love the Mayowood Stone Barn!  We do a lot of weddings there and have a few ideas out on our website.  A couple of my brides who had a shabby chic type wedding have used burlap table runners.  We have these for rent as well as many other table linens.

    I currently have 2 weddings booked for there this summer. We also offer free estimates for wedding floral (and ours are fairly detailed).

    If you are in Rochester on July 30th, or August 20th that is when we have weddings at the barn - you could come and check them out.

    Check us out and let me know what you think.

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    I have only been on there website and i'm waiting to hear back about a date in 2012. any idea on lighting? do you provide all types of lights or are there lights already there?
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    [QUOTE]I have only been on there website and i'm waiting to hear back about a date in 2012. any idea on lighting? do you provide all types of lights or are there lights already there?
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    <div>There are ceiling lights on the columns of the barn (see bio for pics) and I think the owner Shelly is planning to install a chandelier in the middle of the barn at some point. If you want soft light for the wedding you would need to do candles or something. There are a ton of electrical outlets too if you wanted uplights, but again you'd have to provide them.  Hope this helps.</div>
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    I am getting married there next fall! I'm so excited, it seems like a very nice place :) I am thinking that we won't need to add too much for decorations since the space is so beautiful itself. I was thinking about fabric pennant banners (not sure where but I think it would fit in with the country chic theme) and maybe paper lanterns hanging from the beams. And I love the idea of twinkle lights or candles to give softer lighting.
  • I just went and visited the Mayowood Stone Barn with my fiance and we are booking it for august 2013. I could never picture my wedding.. even as I was a little girl.. then we looked at it online, and well.. it was perfect! We are doing very simple decorations and we will have yard games and basically have a very comfortable relaxed beautiful wedding ceremony by the Oak Tree (I love Oak Trees) and  then a casual reception. Shelly has some really great ideas so if you get a chance to actually see it you will be impressed!
  • Does anyone know if there are restrooms in the barn itself?  I would really hate to try to get my and my dress into a port-a-potty!
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