D'Amico/Mill City Museum?

Have any of you ever used D'amico and/or been at or have had a ceremony/reception at the Mill City Museum? We absolutely fell in LOVE with this place but are unsure about D'Amico since you need to use them and they're pretty pricey -- $10,000 minimum food charge... and if it'll be worth it??

 If any of you could help us out with this by telling your experience with D'Amico and/or Mill City.. or even just giving us your opinion we'd really appreciate it!! :)

Re: D'Amico/Mill City Museum?

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    My organization has hosted two events there in the past two years. Not for weddings, though. I was not involved with the planning process but as a staff attendee I greatly enjoyed both of the events! The views from the museum are great and I LOVE D'amico's food, especially the strawberry salad. We always had a good mix of food and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
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