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Okay, so this is my first actual post...

I'm not from Duluth, or even the states but I need help from someone in this area! I'm from Thunder Bay and I've been to every freaking suit place there is in that city. My FI really wants to wear a Zoot Suit to the wedding. I have less than 2 years to find one which is plenty of time but with everything else, I want to find one so I know where to get one. Since Duluth is only 3-4 hours away I figured I would check and see if there are any here. Problem? I've never been to Duluth yet and don't really have a bunch of spare time to take a random trip.

So what I'm asking is - does anyone from Duluth or anywhere close to there, know where I can buy a zoot suit or places that MIGHT sell them?

Also, so I don't have to make a whole other post in the future - what is the David's Bridal like there? I've heard bad things about other ones but not necessarily the one in Duluth.

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    You might have better luck finding one online and just getting it altered when it comes in. I haven't spent any time in Duluth in years, but it might not hurt to put together a list of places and calling them first.

    As far as David's Bridal goes, I went to two different locations in the MInneapolis area, and I was happy with both. Granted, I wasn't expecting much as I was shopping for something under $500, but I'm pretty good at clothes shopping and didn't feel like I needed a ton of help deciding.

    Maybe it would be worth the extra couple hours of driving and going to Minneapolis.
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    We're planning on going sometime over the school year just haven't decided when. He found one online but he has this fear of it not being "legit". I would definitely be calling places before driving there.

    Thanks for the help :)
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    Avoid the Duluth David's Bridal at all costs. They are rude, pretentious and unapologetic for mistakes and poor customer service. I had to work with them as a bridesmaid for a wedding this summer. 
    The clerks never offered me help in trying on the dress (I had to walk around the store, unzipped, searching for someone to zip the dress)
    They ordered the wrong style dress for all the girls (after I questioned them on two different occasions)
    They made a big fuss about calling when the dress was in, I had to call them (I was told its their policy to sent an email but I never gave them my email address)
    Told me it "couldn't possibly have been us" that made the mistake
    Then shipped my dress to another bridesmaid--who lives 2.5 hours away from me! 
    Never once was I ever offered an apology or any iota of regret in how the whole ordeal panned out.
    I can't speak for the whole chain but the Duluth location put a horrible taste in my mouth. I will never step foot in that store nor will I ever suggest it to anyone, ever. 
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    Wow thanks for the help (I'm the OP just changed my username for obvious reasons lol) I've heard a lot of bad things about David's Bridal but they have such affordable dresses. I think I'll use them as a last resort.
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