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Hi! I am trying to find an affordable photographer in the St. Cloud area or someone who would come to St. Cloud. Trying to stay around $1000 for photographer, wondering if anyone knows of anyone with good deals? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!

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    I don't have anyone for the St. Cloud area, but on the value connection they tend to have coupons for local photographers, they have some wedding specials on there you might want to consider. HTH!
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    Not sure when your wedding is, but the photographer I'm using worked for me at a camp I ran a few years ago and she is the manager this summer.  It's in Pequot Lakes, so not a huge drive from St. Cloud.  Otherwise, she lives in Duluth MN.  She is just starting out and her rate is $1,000 for the entire day (not JUST the reception etc.)  She has professional experience and is amazing...  She's worked a few high profile weddings as well!  Let me know if you want her contact information... I have her email and phone number... not sure how available she is, but it's within your budget!  email me at:  sstrom22 at gmail dot com!
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    We are getting married in St. Cloud next month and couldn't find a photographer in our budget there so we are going with a photographer from Minneapolis. They charge and extra $75 for travel expenses but they have very affordable packages. Our package is $1000 and we get the rights to our pictures. They are called Photobox Studio- check them out online. I will let you know next month after our wedding what we thought but we really liked the way our engagement pictures turned out and so far they have all been very friendly. Even if you don't go with Photobox, check out some photographers closer to the cities. Many of them are willing to travel for small fees.
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