Red Wing Lake City reception Venue Please help

Hi, I am going to to (if I am able to get the venue) get married in Lake City September 2013. I looking for a reception venue for 120 people. I was thinking Red wing area. I have checked out the St. james Hotel and Roun Barn is too exspensive for me does anyone have any ideas? I am looking for a place $1,000>.

Re: Red Wing Lake City reception Venue Please help

  • Those are the ones I know in that area.  Are you willing to go to the other direction and have a reception in Winona? Its beautiful there and there are a couple of cheaper options.  I have lived in the area for over 10 years. :)
  • No I live in Minneapolis. We fell in love with Hok-Si-La  state Park as a place to get married. So we are trying to find wedding receptions around there. Winona is beautiful. I think fal there is more beautiful than duluth or the cities.
  • FI and I are planning to have our reception at the Mississippi National Golf Links.  I can't remember the cost for the venue, but it was well under $1,000.  I think the required food  & beverage cost was well over that though.  Good luck!
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