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Hey there knotties. I am not getting married for another 2 years, and I'm just starting to kind of get a feel for venues. With such a long time to wait, it's nice to at least pick out a handful of places so that I'm all ready when it comes time to make reservations.

Anyway, my fiance and I want to do an outdoor wedding so we've been looking at lots of different gardens and parks. We went to Millenium Gardens in Plymouth and fell in love. We want so badly to use the gardens for our ceremony. It's reasonable, it's gorgeous for pictures, and it holds all of our guests.

There is an attached reception hall right next to it called the Plymouth Creek Center. When we went to check out the gardens the building was closed. I went to their website and it looks beautiful, it's available for use in case of bad weather. Unfortunately it did not list prices and it states that we have to use their caterers.

I was wondering if any of you have used or are using the Millenium Gardens and/or the Plymouth Creek Center for your wedding/reception. How is the cost of the reception hall? How expensive is the catering? Was it a good venue for your big day? How accomodating are the staff? Anything else you want to tell me would be great.

Thank you. :)

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Re: Plymouth Creek Center

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    My sister did hers there and it was beautiful- food was good and were a fairly budget conscious family and im sure it was reasonable. She loved the garden and it was all set up but the storm clouds rolled in and we ended up moving the ceremony inside. It was a bummer but the lightning ended up being a cool backdrop to their ceremony! The dance and room was great! I would highly reccomend using the places together- the inside is the best backup plan for bad weather without having to get in cars and go somewhere else!  I dont know specific dollars and they have probably changed since her wedding but I would not hesitate telling you to go for it!
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    My fiance and I are currently looking into Millenium Gardens and Plymouth Creek Center, and will likely end up using this location. I will be sure to post after the wedding about how it went.

    For the reply that mentioned her sister using this location. Do you know which of the three caterers she selected, and would you mind saying how you thought the food was? Also, how did it go moving the ceremony into the building? Was it fairly seamless or did it kind of take away from the excitement/romance? We are really hoping this is our venue as it means a lot to us. We were engaged in the garden and are hoping it will work out for our wedding as well. Weather is our only concern. We will be getting married next September.

    Any input is very much appreciated!!

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    Good luck if you're not a resident of Plymouth!  My fiancee and I wanted to get married there but since we're not residents we could only reserve 12 months in advance while Plymouth residents get 18 months to reserve their date.  Every Saturday in June was booked before we even had a chance.  :(
    But if you CAN get it, I think it's a great spot!
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    My husband and I were married there last September and it was absolutely wonderful!  If you want me to forward you the informaiton on pricing/catering, etc. I certainly can - just send me an email: [email protected]
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    A good value alternative for teh reception is Plymouth Radisson right down the street. We are doing our ceremony at the Millenium Gardens then the Radisson for the reception. The prices are great (strating at $3,000 minimum - no room fee) Its really pretty and guests can have a place to stay rigth after.
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